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Students enrolled at the university, the Fine Arts Academy, the ISIA in Urbino and Pesaro’s Music Academy (and all students enrolled on specialisation courses, in the advanced schools and on Masters’ courses) are eligible to apply for college accommodation. The following can also apply for college accommodation: recipients of university study grants, PhD students, Socrates and Erasmus students, high school students attending open days, disabled students’ assistants, teaching staff (including teachers from other universities staying in Urbino for study purposes) and other specific users.

Accommodation for the whole academic year

Most accommodation is assigned for the whole academic year and is allocated on completion of an application procedure. Accommodation is means-tested so varies in cost according to family income. Applicants should consult the application documents at All accommodation enquiries should be addressed to the following:

Ufficio Diritto Studio - Servizio Provvidenze Individuali
Via del Popolo n. 11 – 61029 Urbino  (PU) –
Tel. +39 0722-350709 - fax +39 0722-377231 -